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MessageSujet: Meeting unexpected   Meeting unexpected I_icon_minitimeVen 4 Fév - 17:55

    [14:44:25] Belzy:
  • Myu : *For once, the Papillon decided to go for a walk on the surface. So he joined the land under its original form did not bother to get rid of his surplice. It took a little trip in a bit to relax a bit before stopping in a clearing desert sunlight*

    [14:48:31] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : *Wanders for quite a while on the surface, grows quite tired and decides to stop by for a while...looks at a tree of flowers, admires it for a while and remembers some of his memories with his sister Marin, but then shakes it off*

    [14:54:20] Belzy:
  • Myu : *he was attracted by the presence in the distance, spreading its wings colored to take a little height and observe the forest, trying to see if there was anyone in the vicinity*

    [14:55:27] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : *senses a faint feel of cosmos, slowly turns his head towards the source of it.. Glaring slightly, for noticing how terrifying it felt but stayed calm*

    [14:58:01] Belzy:
  • Myu : *nods to the side when he saw Touma, his eyes bright focusing on the individual's hair, the color attracted a bit and he came to meet him . The Papillon still kept a certain distance*

    [15:00:01] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : *eyes widden as he sees a very strange but at the same time, dazzling human being before him...steps aback, and then stood on his deffensive position..ready to block any attacks*

    [15:03:51] Belzy:
  • Myu : *observed this person from head to foot, surprised to see him on his guard and gives him a slight smile.* I'm here to rest, not to beat

    [15:05:08] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : *Looks at him weirdly* You..who do you work for? What are you doing here?

    [15:07:06] Belzy:
  • Myu : *keeps her smile* Me ? I am a Specter of Meikai but I have no current mission... And you ?

    [15:08:03] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : So you work for Hades it seems... ._. I am Icarus, an angel of Artemis-sama.. Like you, I have no mission to do as of right now

    [15:12:54] Belzy:
  • Myu : Ho ? .. Artemis Sama is a Great goddess too... As far as I know, the angels are not many. You are really angels ? You look like a human... *big smile*

    [15:13:13] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : =_=

    [15:39:25] Belzy:
  • Myu : affected ? I thought angels had wings *He slowly approaches*

    [15:41:56] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : Not...all of them =_= we don't need wings to fly, which is why I am no different from other angels, I do not how you humans do..I am more powerful than regular humans

    [15:44:57] Belzy:
  • Myu : But you're still human, just like me *opens its wings* Even if it does not show

    [15:45:37] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : Stop it =_= I am not like you, I don't have any emotions

    [15:47:51] Belzy:
  • Myu : No feelings? So why you seem vexed?

    [15:48:21] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : didn't see anything! D:

    [15:53:07] Belzy:
  • Myu : *smiles again and approaches a little his hand to the face of the angel*

    [16:12:50] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : o/////////////////////o Wh-what are you DOING?! *takes myu's hand of his face*

    [16:16:26] Belzy:
  • Myu : * Intrigued * Why do you wear that mask?

    [16:17:09] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : *still blushing* It is a part of my...identity, I am the angel under the name Icarus

    [16:20:31] Belzy:
  • Myu : I see ... It is very beautiful. Someone has already seen your face ?

    [16:21:05] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : .///////. no one has, nobody but myself. st-stop saying these things! =_=

    [16:23:26] Belzy:
  • Myu : Why, I disturb you ? But since you have no sentiments, where does this red under your mask?

    [16:23:59] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma : You...=//////= you didn't see anything! *turns around, back facing Myu* I must leave, farewell...

    [16:27:49] Belzy:
  • Myu : Already? You've just arrived *he enjoys it turns back to slide a finger along the latter*

    [16:29:11] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma *eyes widdens, blushes even more* st.....stop touching me like that! *turns towards Myu, roughly grasping on to Myu's hand...glaring at him*

    [16:38:13] Belzy:
  • Myu : *lets out an amused laugh* Or ? *mischievous smile without removing his hand*

    [16:39:01] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma *narrows eyes, glaring even intensely* ..or I'll kill you...

    [16:43:48] Belzy:
  • Myu : Ho ? Yet I am sure you will enjoy playing a bit with me...

    [16:46:14] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma *looks at him unbelievable, but then slowly softens his glare and slowly smiled evily* You sure? You certainly do not know who you're dealing with~

    [16:50:51] Belzy:
  • Myu : * it displays a false pain on its face * Why so aggressive, I've not attacked é_è

    [16:51:33] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma ........=_=X *glares again* Stop fooling around! Do you really want me to hurt you?

    [16:54:10] Belzy:
  • Myu : *Little smiles* Make me bad ... that I see that I have to do ...

    [16:54:57] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma *stares at him again* You....really are an interesting person

    [16:56:27] Belzy:
  • Myu : Oh yeah ? And you have not seen anything yet

    [16:56:46] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma o_o Then..... show me~ >3

    [16:58:09] Belzy:
  • Myu : You like the colors ?

    [16:58:28] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma What...? o_O

    [17:00:21] Belzy:
  • Myu : The colors, you like it ? The beautiful colors that could lead you straight to hell, in my world

    [17:01:39] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma What do you mean? *glares*

    [17:03:48] Belzy:
  • Myu : You'll see *he extends his arms, dozens of colorful butterfly and light appearing at his side*

    [17:06:07] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma *calmly steps aside, dogding it*

    [17:07:34] Belzy:
  • Myu : These are called butterflies, Fairies

    [17:09:50] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma *stares, a bit amazed..but tries to look as uninterested as possible* Really? Was that all? I am not the slightest bit impressed

    [17:11:55] Belzy:
  • Myu : I want to believe you, these little creatures seem insignificant in appearance

    [17:14:17] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma Then....why don't you prove it?

    [17:15:22] Belzy:
  • Myu : If ever I used these creatures against you, they will lead you straight into the kingdom of Hades, little angel~

    [17:16:11] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma I've fought manys stronger opponents than you, so I'm sure that they will not even harm me...

    [17:20:11] Belzy:
  • Myu : They will not cause pain... *leaves a Fairy ask on his hand and smiled* ...A painless death... subarashii

    [17:22:03] Nixie Chan:
  • Touma I believe that the one who will face that *charges electricity on one fist* you~ *leaps forward to attack him*

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Meeting unexpected
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